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thousands of bombs in their arsenals. >> he tells me what it will take . >> i see hard working ohioians. >> we have to get this economy going again. >> campaigns go ahead to head. what the numbers mean. >> and if romney can win without ohio and the big names. things get lively. you want to make farming sexy. >> the whole world is coming here and you are screwing up the traffic. >> this is piers morgan tonight. >> good evening. ahmadinejad made the speech.
6:01 pm
relatively low key and dare i say almost reasonable. and to blame israel. >> testing generations of weaponry and the pledge to disclose this ordinance and the time is being used as neo language of threat against nations to course them into accepting era. continue threat by the those to resort to military action of this bitter reality. >> economist of the "new york times" and having turned into a
6:02 pm
series on pbs, and nick joins me now. which over way you look at him and think of him, he is a man that commands attention. oddly today, he seemed to be on his best behavior. what do you read into that. >> you said his speech was reasonable by oc ma din jod standards. it is a little bit rich. but, i think that he has been under pressure at home for this whackiness. a lot of people there are embarrassed by the bad press that he bripgs his country. he will be out of office in a year from now. he is losing power from within the country. he is a declining force. >> does the president of iran
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have much power? >> the leader is the person who is running the country. if the president has the leader's confidence, or ill he, then the president could. right now there is tension between them and the other factions. >> the big question remains if israel carries out with the high threat and takes some action against iran believing it he is developing a nuclear weapon what america's response should be. does it depend on who wins the election election? >> i think some people in israel are trying to do is push the u.s. to do it for them. and the argument is that look, if we end up with the strike on nuclear sights that will start a larger war and you will not be
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involved anyway. you can take out the centrefuges anyway. other possibility is that iran would widen it and it is one of the things that i worry about in the period up to the election. >> were you surprised or dism dismayed by barack obama refusing to sit down with many world leaders this week? >> i do think it is a missed opportunity. >> he is also our president. as he gets extra bang for the buck, he also has a responsibility to take this time once a year and meet a few more crucial leaders. i think that was unfortunate that he left the heavy lifting for hillary clinton. >> he was keen to try and move
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on the game in the middle east by saying he was continuing not to get involved. you can see let democracy freedom whatever you want to call it come through the people. not self serving. the last thing you would allow. right. where he's almost certainly helping out this friend. and i was amused in regard to syria he said we're friends with both sides. >> onto that point. the arab spring was exciting and the media covered it and said this is the feature. reality has kicked in, should america's intervention be brought back or is this a time to get more involved? we were playing a mats ter roll master roll in the past. i don't think we have an option
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to disengage. i don't think we can play that traditional role. i sure hope that it won't lead us to give up and turn away. that isn't going to work either. >> president obama spoke about the need to end sex trafficking. let's take a look at this. >> there are ten rooms in the brothel with just a bed. they look from the outside. presumably that is so a girl can be locked up inside and the customer is brought to her. >> that was you raiding a brothel in cambodia. >> what should america be doing? in places like cambodia to
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tackle this thing? >> obama's speech is a tremendous step forward. i think it is a milestone. we can use our moral authority. i asked what did you think about the obama speech? and she emailed back in broken english thank you mr. obama. i have seen that by raising the issue we can put that on the agenda in other countries and we have to do much more at home. the previous documentary turning oppression into opportunity world i'd. >> thank you very much. >> good to see you. >> in 41 days to go until the election.
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early voting begins next tuesday. listen to governor romney. >> a lot of people can talk. talk is cheap. you can be eloquent and describe the wonderful things you can do. but when you cut through the words you can look at the record. and you can see the jobs that america needs and you know it is time to choose a new leader and get a coach and get america growing again. >> the polls the new "new york times" cbs poll has president obama with a nine point lead. the 12 point lead over mitt romney romney. how bad is this for the romney campaign? he is a genius behind the 538 blog. welcome, you are a genius. you have an extraordinary grasp.
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with this book, the of just question to you, 41 day to go, who is going to win? >> we have a think like a gambleler and we have an 80% favorite. that number has been going up. we actually had it first begin to peak after the conventions but since romney's 47% comments we have his 47% win. you talked about the polls are maybe some of the best numbers we have seen for obama in any state that we have seen. almost all of the swing states that you have looked at. jimmy carter has been doing pretty well.
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what should we see in these polls. what is the reality of their value? >> right now obama in the polls is at 53%. it means it is not good enough for romney to pick up the undecided voters. which might mean like a crisis and you rup. the bullish sign has been in the stock market which has been getting jittery like spain and europe. romney is running out of time like routine things like the debate. l bill clinton told me that the debates are going to be crucial for romney. the first debate if he can turn around the 47% fiasco. it could be a disaster. the impression he gave that
6:11 pm
comes with being a wealthy detached guy not caring about people who need help. what would you recommend he do? >> i think the 47% comment revealed, he wasn't doing what you should do play to the center. he has written off peak who have the median income and below. the text book strategy is can you find a way. he is not taughting out ideology saying i can be a reasonable manager. that was his message at first sand he is trying to find different approaches which is what you do when you are losing and he should have stuck to the message he had all along instead of trying to pick paul ryan and we are going to have a discussion about the issues. >> marco rubio, you get a sen
6:12 pm
with paul ryan, that is not giving him a new air of voters coming in. they had bar arebarack obama. >> the book is fascinating. there are two categories. when weather forecasters and gamblers. they aren't giving you an exact answer. you know that sometimes your opponent will catch that card and 52 will make them a miracle and beat yours. and your prediction is storm clouds. the met for is not far off. it is about a one in ten chance and if this polls look like this
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we are looking at a one in ten chance of a real october surprise. he has a window now but the thing is you lose time and if you want to switch to a sports analogy. if obama leads by a touchdown doesn't mean very much. but we are in the 4th quarter and romney may be giving obama something again. nothing impossible about it but you need to catch a couple of breaks. the one good thing, many predictions fail. good to see you. coming up. celebrity power success and the importance of helping others. bob...
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shell is producing ethanol - a biofuel made from renewable sugarcane. >>a minute, mom! let's broaden the world's energy mix. let's go. princess amira, health and wellness guru and general clark. >> let's start with you. you come from saudi where you have been in the vanguard of promoting women's rights.
6:18 pm
>> i think women's rights not only are at the vanguard of what you need to focus on in saudi arabia but in the region. the strongest form is economic dependence. if you are talking about numbers a lot of people focus about women and driving. but not being able to drive has not stopped us from developing. 120 billion worth of real estate is owned by women. investments are owned by women and they go to work and are passionate about what they do.
6:19 pm
if you want to help women in the region, i can never under line that, it is the first thing to focus on. >> general clark the middle east is obviously of huge importance. i talked to president clinton about the ratcheting up of israel and iran and what that may do to the region and what is your overview of where we are and is war likely or more common sense prevailed? >> i believe common sense will prevail but i think it will be a tough slog. i think you have every state in the region and you have external dynamics and internal dynamics. certainly that is the case in iran. they will going to have to find down their quest. there is a search for jobs,
6:20 pm
dignity and self respect. they have freedom of expression in states that haven't had it before. this imposes new responsibilities on citizens for standards. there are people struggling in every country in the world. we have a role to play there. but these people are responsible for their own countries and findle their way forward. we see an extraordinary chain . chainchaintngchange. i joined cnn last year. and then there were huge moments. the arab spring seemed to bring such excitement. now we are not quite sure what is going on in these countries.
6:21 pm
what should america do if anything to change the current process? >> it should inspire hope and compassion. if we can do that with practical things with economic employment with women. everyone knows that is the fastest way to change the world. social justice, economic justice, sustainability health and well being. it is 50% of the planet. >> i was talking to the general. he was saying that the impact of having musicians come to this initiative here cannot be under estimated that you can get to huge audiences that hang on your every word. i know that you take that seriously. we don't want to meet a global
6:22 pm
policeman here. >> yeah, well, this transparent world that we live in you now, america has to realize that now we are a part of the world. we are not leading the world. we do in some shame or form. but when it comes to education we are not. we are dead last. as the world becomes more technoledge kal, 20 years from now, what is america. when we are boeing to understand the technology that we are going to be relying upon. >> if you go to ghettos, i survived and escaped it shlg. moved my family out. people in the ghetto have no clue of where we are going. that is what we need to get them excited on. we need to get them excited
6:23 pm
about stem. educating people to caulk into the world and contribute and participate. the common thread throughout the middle east and america is a lot of young people who have had education in middle eastern countries, and there is no job at the end of the line for them and this creates huge resentment and frustration you have seen a lot of leaders being toppled. what do leaders and countries need to adopt to stop this cycle now youth who feel not able to fulfill their potential? >> economic development. when you have young people with amazing ideas.
6:24 pm
you don't have the system to actually deal with this huge issue add to that the governments that have fallen, the new structures and these issues at the same time, it is not going to be easy. and we are taking action. it is more about having ladders of opportunity. we are working with partners and with the clinton initiative. we want to tap into the resources of many partners around the world. this is great. this is a food university.
6:25 pm
what is happening with farming is that the average age of farmers is 60. we are trying to bring cool back to farming to the university. the whole supply chain and we are bringing people around the world. we want to have it in africa. 60%. how are we going to feed them? 60% of amazing crops are stuck in africa and unused. and so we want to tap into that. we want to have it in the best way possible it is about technology and agriculture making farming cool again where young people come back into that field. >> we want female drivers for the tractors. >> hopefully yes.
6:26 pm
>> when we come back i'll ask my all-star panel is america the world leader it should be and speaking of all-stars, look at that audience. [ engine revving ]
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big idea with our all-star panel. they are pretty fired up about health and education. your special area of interest here at the cgi is about the health and well nes. that point with the global population. if they are not healthy, they are not well. >> we monitor well being in different countries and the well being of communities and of nations. number one is denmark and canada and then -- >> why are they so healthy?
6:31 pm
>> they have social security and they are not worried about health insure. they all don't want to become billionaires. >> but here is what we found. >> we classify people on the scale of one to 100. if your score is over 70 you are thriving. if your score is 40 to 70 you are struggling. if it is less than 40 you are suffering. when the country starts to suffer. you are going to see resolution and unrest. we knew what was happening in libya. we knew what was happening in egypt and serious. just based on well being. it is the number one indicator. again, i talked to you about this. there is a brilliant scene this
6:32 pm
year. where jeff dannia iaiells goes this huge rant at the college lecture about where america has been failing and he starts to list the areas where america is painfully low on the list of science or engineers or technology and what has happened to the american dream that has allowed things to get so low. what should be down about it? >> i think it is prior ities an greed. at the end of the day it is greed and lack of leadership to the point where i don't see why it makes sense that we spend so much money on prisons versus education. that doesn't make any sense to me at all. i don't see why we can't manufacture things in mercury don't get it.
6:33 pm
>> general? >> i want to pitch in on manufacturing for a second. one of the problems that we have is we are an older manufacturing economy. we are used to paper orders and other things if you go to china and you look at a network like alibaba. we can move more into the internet age in our bidding and ordering process. >> is china the enemy that many americans see it as? >> i think that we live in a diverse world and we need to embrace that. if china is excelling in something that is great. but america is excelling in something as well. with china it could burst ladders of opportunity. many people are stuck in those
6:34 pm
factories for hours. and so creating those ladders of opportunity where people can strive to become better jobs for lives. >> i'm actually embracing that. >> at the same time, countries are going to do what they do. america has to figure out what it is we are. we are our own enemy right now. somebody still hasn't told me why we spend so much money on prisons and not education? >> prisons is a bigger business. prisons are privately enterrized. >> yeah, but who said that was okay? >> just answer me. >> i agree. >> who did say that was okay? >> who said drones were okay? who said economic injustice is
6:35 pm
okay. who said 50% of the world is living on $2 a day. >> i travel the planet one day i'm in brazil and the next day, i go to little nuggets, the majority of the people in prisons are latins and african-americans. from my community i have to bring things to them to inspire them to not take that route. it doesn't have to be that way. it is an emergency right now. it is a national security issue. the department of defense needs educated americans around. if we don't educate them and it is okay that prison is a big business but education isn't that is messed up i'm sorry. >> to echo what raul is saying. i'm in favor of stem emcation.
6:36 pm
but we have 28% of our young people in this country who aren't graduating. 28%. >> the teachers aren't paid enough and not trained well enough. >> go to any college campus. it is the place of knowcation. this is where facebook and google and twitter came from. it is coming from here. this is where the republicans need to address immigration policies. you go to a college campus and you see people from korea and china and latin america. >> next big gims and big goals? it's a game changer. ♪
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we are all here for the initiative. why is the cgi so important to
6:41 pm
so many people in your position? >> because of what you are seeing in front of you. you are seeing world leaders sitting next to a person who started an ngo same level talking about committing to something. you could see those in power and disregarding those who were just starting. i see a lot of young people coming in with so much confidence and they want to talk about what they want to do and how you can be involved. >> tell me about your relation to cgi. >> we have to understand our responsibilities as global citizens. >> it is a fact. we have the lowest ice pack in arctic ocean ever. now they are saying maybe as
6:42 pm
early as 2020. we are about the only educated country oecd country that will argue that this isn't a human problem. we have to move it the right way. it is time for the united states to lead. we didn't lead. we should have lead. after kioto it is time now nor the united states to team with china and lead us forward out of where we are and into a new responsibility as global citizens. the united states doesn't have to battle to lead the world. you are already leading. you have leaders who are emerging out there. this is a globalized world. keep doing what you are doing and believe in young people. believe in technology and
6:43 pm
science and have leaders like them lead the way. >> sit a marathon. not a sprint. i'm 37, i've done all the things you could possibly do with music and i never thought i would be able to do those things when i was in the get thouhettghetto o queen's jubilee or do this program. or beam the song back to the planet earth to educate kids to take an interest in stem. i'm dedicating my life to stem to create a new system with my little neighborhood to turn these kids into entrepreneur and educators. >> good for you.
6:44 pm
>> we are trying to inspire individuals and also to take our political system forward and inspire that way. >> i want to give the lady the final word. >> i was going to say i was asked which president that i would like to say elected i said bill clinton. he's a true leader he gathered all of us here today. i want to thank such inspiring leaders. you believe in what you are doing. the more leaders we have in such fields the better the world would be. >> he wants that changed, he said he thinks it would be a good idea. i said if you can't do that, we would like to change our rules in britain and have him as our prime minister. he can run for president or
6:45 pm
ireland or france. so we may see the new french president in five years bill clinton. oo la la. i would like to thank general clark. >> coming up, a different take on the issues from the angriest man in america. louis black. identity thieves "" we're lifelock, and we believe"" you have the right to live free from the fear of identity theft. our pledge to you? as long as there are identity thieves, we'll be there. we're lifelock. and we offer the most comprehensive identity theft protection ever created. lifelock: relentlessly protecting your identity. call 1-800-lifelock or go to today. ♪ chirping beeping camera ahhhh drill sound
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louis black is let's face it, the angriest man in america. watch out, he is about to unleash hell. returninghell with "running on empty." how are you? foaming at the mouth as usual? >> now things are really wonderful. 41 days to go right now, which is really the equivalent of 3 1/2 light years it would be easier if you actually took this time in terms what it would feel like every day to listen to them all the time, you could -- you could -- the equivalent of getting -- >> this has been going on, this election campaign, since i joined cnn. i feel like i have visibly aged in britain, we have a six-week election campaign. this is about six years. >> candidate -- we like to make
6:50 pm
it the equivalent of romma dan and christmas. and that's not even enough. it's like ten ramadans. it goes on for decades, no reason. and in the midst of the most beautiful time of year, our summer, all we have left on this -- in this country is our summer, our time. it stays out later, think you are going to live forever and these idiots show up to do a four-day pep rally. it's not right. >> shouldn't you be fasting or something? it's yom kippur. what are you doing here anyway? >> when you called, i called my rabbi and said piers has asked me to come on, can i please eat? i don't -- many jews aren't watching right now, they would be upset. gave it up. gave it up when i was very young because you go to temple, they play a thing called cold nedrad,
6:51 pm
an opening song and basically they took all of alfred hitchcock's music and made it one horrifying huge piece. freakiest. creepy. >> it can't be worse than the catholic music i have to endure sometimes. accordion choral music. >> but that's oh he ho ho. but this is you're afraid bats will fly in. >> you have every world leader converging on new york, and the only thing anyone is talking about is nfl football and this hail mary pass. >> yeah, it's because all we -- besides the summer, now all we have is football. because it's the only place for millions of americans, including myself, to vent anger. and it would be kind of legitimized, where you can sit, scream, yell anything you want. i hate this, i don't like that. it doesn't have to do with the game. you can bellow like a luna
6:52 pm
particular, and now it's one thing to watch your two teams go at it, and then you add people who are like, it's substitute teachers, you know, like chaos. it's utter and a oschaos. >> for someone who prefers the real football with the round ball, i find it come call this is a multimillion dollar business can be wrecked by a bunch of amateur referees over a dispute involving something that's not a big amount of money. >> what i love, all all of a sudden, this whole thing about the class warfare in the united states, all of a sudden the owners are now -- everybody is screaming. left or right. the billion dollar owners can't pay! all of a sudden they are the billion -- they are the only ones would have to give up the money. give it up to the referees, because it's sunday football! and it is, it's vital.
6:53 pm
you got to get through it. >> it was a touchdown? >> what? >> was a touchdown? >> i don't think it was a touchdown. >> i can't let you go without mentioning ahmadinejad. everybody else has had him. he has some weird charm offensive this week. are you falling for him? >> no, i'm not falling for him, but i do think maybe his -- the one who is giving him his medicine has finally found the right balance. you see these people, and i have dated a lot of them, and they are bipolar one day, obsessive/compulsive the next, and you are watching them work through their medicine, he may have found his meds. all of the people in new york, the whole world coming here, and what does new york talk about? they are screwing up the traffic. what are they doing? talking? i got no time for it. >> i couldn't agree more.
6:54 pm
get your priorities right. lewis, always a pressure. two quick plugs "running on empty: lewis black on broadway october 9 to 14th tickets still available. and you also have a play written by lewis black at the george street playhouse october 2 to the 28th. a busy boy. >> oh, yeah. >> thank you for a bit of time. only in america, forget the hail mary. in defense of replacements. yeah, you heard me. [ woman ] it's 32 minutes to go time, and the candidate's speech is in pieces all over the district.
6:55 pm
the writer's desktop and the coordinator's phone are working on a joke with local color. the secure cloud just received a revised intro from the strategist's tablet. and while i make my way into the venue, the candidate will be rehearsing off of his phone. [ candidate ] and thanks to every young face i see out there. [ woman ] his phone is one of his biggest supporters. [ female announcer ] with cisco at the center... working together has never worked so well.
6:56 pm
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well, tonight, only in america, personal foul, coast to coast, outrage is building over monday night's fail mary pass that led to the green bay packers' loss to the seattle seahawks. is it really fair to blame the replacement refs? after all, they are amateurs doing their best under extremely pressurized circumstances. take a look from our green bay affiliate, nbc 26. >> 200 degrees below we're looking at. and it's really going to heat up, it's going to be like 346 degrees. >> get out of here. >> oh. >> what is going on? >> certainly didn't get the
6:59 pm
weather off, by 300 degrees. give the replacements a break, you mayer in know when you will need them, even if they can't be entirely trusted. that's it for us tonight. tomorrow night, the annoying brit twit will be back on the air. they never give me an opportunity to talk to anybody but myself, even when he's sitting here. stay tuned. for now, it's "anderson cooper 360." good evening, everyone. 10:00 on the east coast. we begin tonight with breaking news that you will only see right here on 360. some of the details are astonishing. on a day when secretary of state clinton says she is still waiting for answers while the fbi investigates four americans killing in benghazi, libya. our sources reveal that not single fbi investigators has set foot at the crime scene 15 days after the terrorist attack. and that the crime scene has still not been secured. those are just two headlines, two new pieces of information
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